HSBC Canary Wharf, London


The Problem These newly built meeting rooms at HSBC's Canary Wharf offices needed to be optimised for acoustics. Bare concrete walls were creating an uncomfortable echo in the rooms. Most importantly, the acoustics needed to be resolved to allow for the use of audio-visual equipment. The Solution To optimise the [...]

Grove Hotel, Watford


The Problem Hotels are not just for overnight stays, they also provide conference room solutions for businesses, offering catered, comfortable spaces to hold important business functions and meetings. The Grove Hotel contacted Resonics to provide an acoustic solution to its large conference room - The Cedar Suite. A new build, the [...]

Anoto, Basingstoke


The Problem Anoto is a digital writing solutions company, with UK offices based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Anoto contacted Resonics to help resolve the harsh acoustic environment in its meeting room. With glass partitioning and windowed walls, noise was propelled around the space, creating an uncomfortable echo. The Solution The meeting room [...]

One Fine Stay, London


The Problem For meeting rooms to be effective they must afford good speech intelligibility and auditory privacy. This meeting room at One Fine Stay's London headquarters was lacking both. Plasterboard walls and wooden flooring was contributing to an uncomfortable reverberation time in the space. Resonics was called in to [...]

Brand Pie, London


The Problem The typical modern meeting room - a cubed room with glass partitioning, containing audio visual communication equipment. All of these factors contribute to excessive echo in a space and create an environment with poor speech intelligibility and compromised audio conferencing. The Solution A series of circular Class [...]

Web Loyalty, London


The Problem Meeting rooms are often after thoughts in the design of offices. This often results in a boxed room, partitioned with glass - making them highly reverberant and acoustically uncomfortable. Web Loyalty, a small digital media company situated in the heart of London, had a series of acoustically uncomfortable [...]

AstraZeneca, Cambridge


The Problem Acoustically untreated meeting rooms and telepresence rooms meant that speech intelligibility and privacy was suffering in the offices for this large pharmaceutical company. Resonics was called in to provide a comprehensive acoustic solution that reduced echo, absorbed excessive noise and reduced noise transfer between cordoned areas. The Solution [...]

Google Meeting Room, London


The Problem Part  of a new office build, Google wanted to consider the acoustics in this meeting room from the outset. A small room that could still hold a large team, Google was seeking any additional sound absorption in the room that contributed to a comfortable sound environment and [...]

UCi2i, London


The Problem If video conferencing rooms aren't acoustically treated, there is often a problem with high reverberation - sound bouncing and echoing round a room. High reverberation often leads to speech inaudibility – a big issue for rooms where speech needs to be clear during important meetings, calls and presentations. At [...]

NUS, London


The Problem NUS contacted Resonics for a complete acoustic survey, assessment, design and installation solution for their office building in London - consisting of open plan and meeting room spaces. The brief was to resolve the problem of excessive noise and high reverberation caused by a lack of sound [...]