In January this year, Resonics were approved for the ISO 14001 accreditation. This means we have met ISO’s criteria for implementing an effective environmental management system. Our consistent approach to sustainability over the years has culminated in this prestigious award . We are very proud of the efforts we undertake to ensure our sustainability credentials are operative in every aspect of our work. Our own defined sustainability standards that we work to are:

  • working with suppliers and product manufacturers who share the same ideals
  • providing conscientious and effective waste management
  • ensuring efficient consumption of energy and materials
  • effectively planning company logistics to minimise waste

Working closely to our own internal guidelines meant that the accreditation process was very smooth and the accreditation is a final stamp in our ongoing sustainability accomplishments.

About ISO 14001
Launched in 1996 (and revised in 2004) as a guideline for measuring and monitoring organisational activities that impact the environment, the ISO 14001 standard is a widespread benchmark for tens of thousands of organisations that want to communicate to the public and stakeholders that they are environmentally responsible.