We are now supplying and installing the fantastic NEW Ecophon Master Matrix ceiling system. Designed by Ecophon to be ‘a perfect match for larger spaces and TABS’, this great new system combines efficient installation, perfect aesthetics and superior sound control.

Quick, Easy & Safe Installation

Using a suspended grid system that allows each panel to be ‘clicked’ into place, the Master Matrix system is one of the quickest, easiest and safest systems to install. The grid system allows for complete accuracy meaning there is no time spent on post-installation adjustments.

Visual and Functional

The Master Matrix creates floating acoustic ceilings ‘inspired by patterns and rhythm’. The flexible grid system means repetitive elements can be tailored to created beautiful and unique designs. The functionality is not compromised by the aesthetics of the system as the Master Matrix allows for 90% (Class A) sound absorption.

The Perfect Solution for TABS

The exposed concrete used in TABS buildings dramatically lowers energy consumption but creates an incredibly harsh acoustic environment. The Master Matrix system is the most suitable solution on the market for TABS buildings as the system can be installed in rows which allows the air circulate and cool the way it is supposed to.

For more product information about the new Master Matrix system, get in touch.