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We conduct free assessments of offices and commercial spaces across London & the UK. Our assessment will address issues of speech privacy and ambient noise levels. We will help you achieve optimal acoustics in your space.

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We offer a supply & installation service across Naturewall's range of premium quality architectural acoustic products and solutions. Choose from their product offering of timber acoustic panels.

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Give your walls a rustic makeover with our Reclaimed wood planks for walls. These planks are upcycled from discarded solid pine and feature a weathered finish from their previous life.

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Patented System

Leading the development of textile manufacturing and technology, with worldwide talent and design expertise, create holistic sound-scaping solutions with architectural interior acoustic products.

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NatureWall Product Range

NatureWall SlatWall

NatureWall SlatWall panels, a symphony of design and functionality, masterfully marry the organic charm of wood with cutting-edge acoustic technology. Crafted in the UK, these slatted wood panels offer a contemporary, sophisticated solution to soundproofing, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Available in a palette of nature-inspired shades, they seamlessly blend with diverse interiors, enhancing them with a serene, luxurious vibe. The meticulous design, featuring wider slats and narrow gaps, not only adds visual depth but also optimizes sound absorption, making SlatWall panels an ideal choice for creating tranquil, elegant environments. Embrace the beauty of NatureWall SlatWall for timeless elegance and acoustic comfort.

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NatureWall SlatWall Midi

As SlatWall Midi has precision-cut edges, you can effortlessly achieve a flawless finish when you apply it as a half-wall design. A half size panel of the classic SlatWall. Install it in hallways as a contemporary alternative to traditional wainscoting or in bedrooms to create a dimensional headboard.

SlatWall Grand

Discover NatureWall SlatWall Grand: luxurious wide wood paneling that transforms spaces with its broader slats and refined gaps. Crafted in the UK, these panels merge spatial grandeur with natural beauty, offering a trendy yet timeless aesthetic. Boasting 3D linear structures and soundproofing properties, SlatWall Grand elevates any interior with added texture, warmth, and acoustic tranquility. Explore this premium range to infuse your spaces with an exquisite touch of sophistication and serene ambience.

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