Museum Acoustics: Why The Need?

Museums can be complex spaces to make acoustically comfortable, mainly because they are used for so many purposes and types of exhibition. In general, it is important that noise and distraction is kept to a minimum as they are often used as spaces of study, however, they can also be used for group work and presentations and thus must support open communication. Museums have a lot of sound sources too – lots of people walking and talking,AV installations and guides making presentations are just some sources of noise that could become very distracting to other museum users.

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Many people visit museums as places of interest or to study so the spaces need to distraction free. Good acoustics should be in place so that excessive noise is absorbed or blocked.

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Communication is often important in museum spaces when tours, presentations or group work is taking place. Therefore good sound absorbing acoustics are important to ensure that museum users can hear and understand each other.

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Acoustics in museums are important to ensure leisure visits can take place in an environment that isn’t too noisy or reverberant.

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