About Milleforma Acoustic Panels & Tiles

A philosophy that combines sustainability, architectural functionality and captivating design is at the core of this unique Italian manufacturer.

Milleforma design and manufacture acoustic decorative wall panels for improving living and working environments using natural raw materials. Made from cotton linters and mixed with high quality clay residues, Milleforma provide a solution that is environmentally friendly whilst providing a more natural look and feel using only natural earth pigments to colour the finished product. This process allows shades which are never identically repeated, adding uniqueness and a greater connection with nature to each individual panel.

Milleforma acoustic panels can be directly recycled and used to produce new panels at the end of the products life, reinforcing their focus on sustainability.

Choose from 6 formats and 28 colours which combine to create varied and innovative patterns, encouraging each installation to have its own creative flair and aesthetic.

Milleforma At A Glance

    Versatile and durable acoustic solutions.

    Fully flexible design, endless possibilities

    Highest environmental standards.

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    Milleforma panels are manufactured from natural raw materials, and is a core focus of their product design and production process.

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    At the end of the life of the product, 100% of the wall panels can be reused in the production of new acoustic products.

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    Each acoustic panel is individually treated to resist both fire and water, giving added flexibility to the installation possibilities of the product.

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