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With the increase of open plan office working, meeting rooms are required more and more as spaces to hold more discreet discussions or as places to undertake complex work that requires a lot of concentration. When surveying client spaces, we often find that meeting rooms suffer from harsh reverberation issues due to a myriad of hard surfaces. To find the most suitable acoustic solutions for your meeting room—or any other space—it’s crucial to measure the actual reverb time. Resonics follow our own set of guidelines we have developed over almost a decade of office acoustic design. Meeting room acoustic panels should reduce reverberation time down to about 0.6-0.8 seconds for the optimal meeting environment.

When privacy is key, the introduction and strategic location of sound absorbing surfaces together with appropriate acoustic barriers will contribute towards providing an environment that creates maximum acoustic privacy so that conversations that take place in a meeting room are not overheard by other employees. Meeting rooms must also be acoustically comfortable so that clear communication can take place.

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Important meetings and presentations often take place in meeting rooms. This means good acoustics are important to ensure that speech is clear and easy to understand.

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Though communication is important in office spaces, so is privacy when more discreet conversations need to take place. Materials that block and absorb sound ensure workers can have private conversations without being overheard by their colleagues.

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Work and discussions taking place in meeting rooms often require a lot of concentration. Therefore good acoustics will ensure workers can operate in an acoustically comfortable environment that maximises the ability to concentrate

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A meeting room is almost always furnished with lots of equipment, such as humming projectors and speakers for telephone and video conferences. At the same time there are often two glass walls and a third that has the obligatory whiteboard. Speech will bounce off all these hard surfaces, creating echoes that obscure speech
-Ecophon, 2016

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