Call Centre Acoustics: A Definitive Guide

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Call Centre Acoustics: A Definitive Guide We Already Dislike Unsolicited Calls - So Why All The Noise? More and more nowadays I get calls from someone in telesales whose voice I can't hear because of background clatter. I'm calling it: I think call centres have some of the worst acoustic environments - and for a business that relies on clarity of conversation and minimal disturbance to customers - it's not exactly ideal. Take time to sort out the [...]

Another Step Towards Sustainable Acoustic Design

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Last week Ecophon announced that it has made a huge leap towards a completely sustainable life cycle of acoustic panels - with their acoustic ceiling panels now completely green and eco-friendly. Acoustics is one of the industries where it is possible to take full advantage of one the most common items that we throw in our recycling bins every day: glass. When natural sand and recycled glass is mixed at high temperatures, the glass that is produced is converted into fibers  - resulting [...]

Our Top 10 Sound Absorbing Solutions

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There are an abundance of sound absorbers currently on the market, and depending on our clients’ individual needs and budget, we are likely to recommend any one of the tried and tested products available in our product catalogue. But there are some panels that we use more than others and some that are fantastic when it comes to certain criteria. Here is our Top 10 list of panels that tick the boxes for some or most of the criteria below. Effectiveness or sound absorbency rating [...]

Resonics has Launched!

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After months of development, we are proud to launch our new website www.resonics.co.uk. Previously trading under the name ReSpace Acoustics, Resonics will offer the same outstanding services and products but with a new brand name and website. The launch of the new resonics.co.uk website will provide a significantly improved online experience for potential customers, clients, architects and contactors. We have spent a considerable amount of time analysing the data from our old website to gain an understanding of what visitors to our site [...]