The Future of Acoustics in Eco-Friendly Building Design

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The pursuit of sustainability has permeated nearly every aspect of construction and architectural design, driven by a global emphasis on environmental responsibility and resource efficiency. In the realm of building design, acoustics traditionally focused on enhancing sound quality within spaces through materials and design techniques that may not always align with eco-friendly principles. However, the evolving landscape of green building is redefining how acoustics are integrated, prioritizing both environmental impact and auditory comfort. This blog explores the innovative approaches and materials that exemplify [...]

7 Technologies That Will Make The Future Quiet

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The world is a noisy place. So noisy, in fact, that scientists believe that there is no place left on earth that is untouched by man-made noise. You might think that the North Pole might be a candidate for a bit of peace and quiet, yet even commercial airlines fly over the Arctic Circle between North America and Europe. You literally cannot escape noise in the modern world. So will there be any respite? At the same time that man made noise pollution is [...]

Metamaterials: Soundproofing The Future

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Noisy neighbours, deafening air conditioning units, those disconcerting aeroplane creaks and whirs. These are all noisy nuisances that we think of as part and parcel of our day to day lives. Until now. It turns out some smart people in the worlds of science and engineering have been busy exploiting new discoveries made in metamaterials to develop new mediums that could effectively mute everyday objects and mechanisms. Metamaterials are artificially created materials, often down to individual cell units. By exploiting the theories of negative indexing [...]

Another Step Towards Sustainable Acoustic Design

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Last week Ecophon announced that it has made a huge leap towards a completely sustainable life cycle of acoustic panels - with their acoustic ceiling panels now completely green and eco-friendly. Acoustics is one of the industries where it is possible to take full advantage of one the most common items that we throw in our recycling bins every day: glass. When natural sand and recycled glass is mixed at high temperatures, the glass that is produced is converted into fibers  - resulting [...]

Our Sustainability Credentials – ISO 14001 Accreditation

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In January this year, Resonics were approved for the ISO 14001 accreditation. This means we have met ISO’s criteria for implementing an effective environmental management system. Our consistent approach to sustainability over the years has culminated in this prestigious award . We are very proud of the efforts we undertake to ensure our sustainability credentials are operative in every aspect of our work. Our own defined sustainability standards that we work to are: working with suppliers and product manufacturers who share the same [...]