Residential Acoustics

Why Acoustics Matter in Luxury Living Spaces

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Every detail counts, from the opulent materials used in construction to the state-of-the-art amenities that adorn each room. However, one aspect that is often overlooked, yet is crucial to the ambiance and experience of luxury living spaces, is acoustics. Proper acoustics can elevate a beautiful home into a serene sanctuary, enhancing not just comfort but also the quality of life of its inhabitants. The Significance of Sound Quality in Luxury Homes Luxury is synonymous with comfort and exclusivity, aspects that extend [...]

Why You Need Acoustic Panels for Your Home Office

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Why You Need Acoustic Panels for Your Home Office The rise of remote work has brought the home office into the spotlight. While the comfort of working in pajamas is a perk, the challenge of maintaining a quiet and focused workspace is real. That's where acoustic panels come in. These sound-absorbing marvels can transform your home office from a chaotic space into a haven of productivity. Acoustic panels in home offices are vital, especially during video calls, to reduce echoes which can impair [...]

How to Soundproof a Drum Room in 2022

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How to Soundproof a Drum Room in 2022 Everyone knows how important it is to practice without disturbing neighbours or others at home or elsewhere. You want a soundproof drum room and system to keep your equipment in pristine condition without getting disturbed by noise. Fortunately, soundproofing and sound insulation in drum rooms can take several forms and be quite a challenge to achieve. As a drummer, preparing the room where you will practice is essential. However, only some lucky musicians have a [...]

YouTube or Podcasting Studio Setup – Acoustic Treatment

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Digital media is without a doubt, a huge part of the every day life of so many of us. YouTube and podcast creators are developing highly successful and profitable careers in digital content creation for audiences around the world. No matter what your interests, hobbies, political views or demographic, there is powerful and engaging content out there for you. With over 5 billion YouTube videos viewed every day, and up to 300 hours of new content uploaded every minute, there is [...]

Sound Masking at Home: What are the benefits?

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Sound Masking at Home? Sound masking systems have grown steadily in popularity in office working spaces over the past few decades, with companies becoming more aware of how workplace environments impact their bottom line. Office spaces are often filled with lots of people working on different tasks, clicking mouses, having conversations or just generally producing distracting noise. So, surely working from home removes all that distracting noise from the equation? Perhaps you would expect that to be the case, and [...]

Homeworking : Tips for Controlling Noise at Home

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It was early 2020 when many of us first heard of the word ‘Coronavirus’. The virus was causing havoc in China, forcing the construction of 2 new hospitals in Wuhan within 10 days to deal with the rapidly spreading infection. Fast forward just a few months, the virus is now considered a global pandemic, and the UK would has suffered more casualties than China itself. So what does this have to do with controlling noise at home? The UK government and public health [...]