5 Spaces You Wouldn’t Expect to See Acoustic Panels

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  At the Beavertown Brewery! When we think about acoustic panels, our minds often go straight to concert halls, recording studios, or bustling office spaces—environments where managing sound is clearly crucial. However, the versatility and utility of acoustic panels stretch far beyond these conventional settings. This article explores the innovative and sometimes surprising uses of acoustic panels in locations where you might not expect to find them, but where they play a vital role in enhancing the acoustic environment. [...]

Bespoke Acoustic Panel Projects 2021

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Across the 500+ acoustic panel and install projects that Resonics complete each year, there are often certain ones which stand out from the rest. Our estimating team works closely with both architects, designers and the top acoustic brands across the world to create truly unique and bespoke acoustic systems, funky panel designs and acoustically treat tricky spaces. The team also work with clients to design acoustic panel systems from scratch depending on the end customers functional and visual requirements for the project. Take [...]