Open Plan Office Acoustic Standards 2022

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Open plan offices now make up approximately 75% of all office workplaces in the UK. These areas feature reduced division between employees in the space. The popularity of these types of offices is nothing new. They've now become the preferred layout for most types of businesses to promote collaboration and communication. They can also contribute to the culture of the workplace by bringing people closer together. Up until recently there were no open plan office acoustics standards which guided designers to ensure the [...]

Challenges of Returning to the Office

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A return to office working is now in sight for many of us, but the ways in which we work and collaborate have inevitably changed permanently. Companies will face some unique challenges of returning to the office. For some, an entire year of working from home has prompted a move away from the city to quieter areas without the hustle and bustle of the daily commute to and from the office. Naturally there is a resistance for some to return to the office [...]

Open Plan Offices: Are they good for productivity?

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Open plan working environments are nothing new, with open-plan offices in one from or another dominating workspaces for open plan office spaces have grown steadily in popularity over the last decade, with up to 75% of office workers now working in open plan style spaces where there is no physical division between colleagues. Open plan offices were first introduced in big tech companies like Google and Apple to encourage collaboration and communication between colleagues by creating shared working environments. But does it actually [...]

14 New Architectural Acoustic Products To Check Out

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14 New Architectural Acoustic Products To Check Out The world of architectural acoustics is changing, rapidly. As acoustic solutions become commonplace in commercial spaces, so has the demand to create unique and innovative sound absorbing products that serve not just a functional purpose, but which strike the eye. In recent years there has been an explosion of new acoustic products on the market that could only have been dreamed of in times past. These products blur the lines [...]

Biophilic Design – The New Way To Reduce Office Noise?

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Connecting with nature brings a range of physiological benefits for humans. It is no wonder then that the latest architectural trend aims to bring the outdoors inside. Introduction What is Biophilic Design? The Benefits of Biophilic Design Biophilia & Acoustics How plants reduce noise Using biophilia for good acoustics In 1877, naturalist and author John Muir, writing about his adventures to the rugged and largely unchartered planes of Alaska reflected that “In every walk with nature, one received far more than one [...]

12 Ways Noise Affects Worker Well-being And Productivity

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Noise in the workplace annoys us - a lot. Surveys show that we care more about interior acoustics than we do about how clean our workplaces are, what we sit on and the temperature of our offices. This sucks because the world is getting louder. Much louder. And our workplaces are not immune. But the volume isn't being cranked up on its own. A lot of the blame for clamorous offices can be levelled at the trend of open plan offices. Sound affects us psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally, even [...]

Call Centre Acoustics: A Definitive Guide

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We Already Dislike Unsolicited Calls - So Why All The Noise? More and more nowadays I get calls from someone in telesales whose voice I can't hear because of background clatter. I'm calling it: I think call centres have some of the worst acoustic environments - and for a business that relies on clarity of conversation and minimal disturbance to customers - it's not exactly ideal. Take time to sort out the noise environment in your call centre and you will not only [...]

Reduce Office Noise In 6 Simple Steps

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It may be the leader in a social revolution, and wield immense power, yet Google has earned the wrath of one US journalist over its choice of office design. According to Lindsay Kaufman, Google is just one in a long list of globally resognised organisations that are ditching partitioned partitioned offices for open-plan designs, which she states are "beautifully airy, and yet remarkably oppressive", jeopardising privacy, particularly conversations. Even Toronto's new mayor John Tory has taken issue with the noise environment in his [...]

Just How Effective Are Sound Absorbing Panels?

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The effectiveness of acoustic panels is something often questioned by our clients. While soundproofing a room is simple enough to test - just stand outside the treated room and listen for any noise escaping - reducing, rather than eradicating noise, isn't so easily measured. You can do the simple 'slap echo' test, but this is hardly the type of test you want to use to demonstrate your work. Every once in a while, our clients will want us to show them just how effective [...]

More Noise Must Be Made To Prevent Industrial Deafness Claims

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The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the landscape of workplace health and safety claims. A clampdown by the insurance industry on whiplash injuries – once the bane of insurers – has been replaced with a new cash cow for litigation lawyers: industrial deafness. The Association of British Insurers recently announced its plans to mount a lobbying campaign targeting the phenomenon; but while it scrambles to stem the ever increasing tide of claims, what can businesses do to prevent industrial deafness [...]