Hearing Difficulties

Monitor Your Exposure to Noise with Apple Watch

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Did you know your Apple Watch can monitor your exposure to noise? In the modern day urban environment, we are exposed to high levels of noise almost everywhere we go. Traffic noise, construction machinery, people chatting/yelling at eachother on the street or noise in your office all influence our exposure to harmful levels of noise which can cause lasting damage to our hearing.  When sound enters your ear, it causes the bones and hairs inside the ear to vibrate [...]

Worried About Hearing Loss? Here’s Something You Should Consider Doing…

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Last week I went to have my hearing tested at my local ‘Specsavers’ who, if you didn’t already know, also have in-house audiology experts providing hearing tests. I was met by a lovely lady called Sue, who began by asking me some questions which she filled out in a form. The main question being – “what is the reason for your visit, do you have reason to believe you are having a problem with your hearing?”. My honest answer was this… “my wife [...]