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Acoustic Innovations in Healthcare | Creating Calmer Environments

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Healthcare environments are complex ecosystems where the interplay of various elements impacts patient recovery and staff efficiency. Among these elements, the acoustic environment plays a critical role yet is often overlooked. Proper acoustic design in healthcare settings not only supports the privacy and comfort of patients but also enhances the working conditions for healthcare professionals. The Challenges of Noise in Healthcare Environments Hospitals are inherently noisy places. The constant buzz of medical devices, the chatter of staff and visitors, and the [...]

Hospital Acoustics: The impact of noise on healthcare

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If you have ever had to stay overnight in a hospital before, you will understand how difficult it can be to get any sleep, or just simply relax. Surrounded by nurses chatting, machines beeping, trolleys rolling, noise is everywhere and regularly exceeding acceptable levels. Hospital Acoustics In the UK, 40% of hospital patients are bothered by noise at night; a consistent finding of the NHS Inpatient Survey, with noise levels over 100dB measured in intensive care units. Noise at this level [...]

Monitor Your Exposure to Noise with Apple Watch

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Did you know your Apple Watch can monitor your exposure to noise? In the modern day urban environment, we are exposed to high levels of noise almost everywhere we go. Traffic noise, construction machinery, people chatting/yelling at eachother on the street or noise in your office all influence our exposure to harmful levels of noise which can cause lasting damage to our hearing.  When sound enters your ear, it causes the bones and hairs inside the ear to vibrate [...]

Biophilic Design – The New Way To Reduce Office Noise?

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Connecting with nature brings a range of physiological benefits for humans. It is no wonder then that the latest architectural trend aims to bring the outdoors inside. Introduction What is Biophilic Design? The Benefits of Biophilic Design Biophilia & Acoustics How plants reduce noise Using biophilia for good acoustics In 1877, naturalist and author John Muir, writing about his adventures to the rugged and largely unchartered planes of Alaska reflected that “In every walk with nature, one received far more than one [...]

More Noise Must Be Made To Prevent Industrial Deafness Claims

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The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the landscape of workplace health and safety claims. A clampdown by the insurance industry on whiplash injuries – once the bane of insurers – has been replaced with a new cash cow for litigation lawyers: industrial deafness. The Association of British Insurers recently announced its plans to mount a lobbying campaign targeting the phenomenon; but while it scrambles to stem the ever increasing tide of claims, what can businesses do to prevent industrial deafness [...]