Acoustics and Learning: How to improve the learning environment?

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Our acoustic environment has a profound impact on how we process and absorb information, both through the affect on our ability to hear and also our ability to concentrate. People can only put up with noise for so long before it becomes extremely annoying and disrupts their cognitive learning process. Noise can be a big problem with open plan classrooms, halls and libraries, with high levels of noise pollution coming from various sources at the one time.  Acoustics and Learning The [...]

Sound & The Anatomy Of The Ideal Classroom

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Late last year a group of US scientists took it upon themselves to discover the anatomy of the perfect classroom. Their findings included: Natural light is critical to student satisfaction and academic performance. Even after controlling for socioeconomic and race factors, students exposed to more sunlight performed 2% - 26% better in numeracy and literacy tests compared to students in classrooms with little to no sunlight. The ideal temperature for a classroom is between 20 - 23 degrees Celsius. The performance of [...]

BB93 Update: What You Need To Know

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Update: The BB93 Update was officially released on December 19, 2014. Access it here. Since its introduction in 2003, BB93 guidelines have set the standard for acoustic design and requirements in UK schools. However, it has been obvious for sometime that the guidelines have failed to stay up-to-date with the modernisation of schools and the continuing complexity of these spaces - leading to the announcement of a comprehensive review of the guidelines back in 2008. Well, after more than five years, the updated [...]