The Science Behind Acoustic Insulation

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Acoustic Insulation in Modern Environments The ever-growing need for peace and serenity is fostering an uptick in the application of acoustic insulation. At Resonics, we're at the vanguard of this pursuit, offering sophisticated solutions for noise management and sound quality improvement in various environments, from bustling offices to intimate home settings. It's not merely about muffling sound but creating harmonious spaces where life's soundtrack can unfold as intended. Importance of Acoustic Insulation Importance of Acoustic Insulation Implications Enhances Privacy Keeps conversations confidential Improves [...]

Will acoustic panels keep sound out?

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Will Acoustic Panels keep sound out? If you're struggling with noisy neighbors or a busy street outside your window, you may be looking for a way to block out the sound. People may tell you that acoustic panels are one potential solution, but do they really work? Let's take a closer look. Acoustic panels are not a great way to keep sound out to make your home or office more enjoyable or immune to outside distractions. They do not act as an effective [...]

Open Plan Office Acoustic Standards 2022

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Open plan offices havebecome the preferred layout for most types of businesses to promote collaboration and communication. They can also contribute to the culture of the workplace by bringing people closer together. There are new British Standards for open plan office acoustics which can provided guidance to office designers, architects and contractors to ensure the benefits of open offices are fully realised.  In offices where they can be 20+ individuals all working in the same space, noise can be an issue. This article [...]

Bespoke Acoustic Panel Projects 2021

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Across the 500+ acoustic panel and install projects that Resonics complete each year, there are often certain ones which stand out from the rest. Our estimating team works closely with both architects, designers and the top acoustic brands across the world to create truly unique and bespoke acoustic systems, funky panel designs and acoustically treat tricky spaces. The team also work with clients to design acoustic panel systems from scratch depending on the end customers functional and visual requirements for the project. Take [...]

Stadium Acoustics: Make it Loud

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Pretty much all of the work that we do at Resonics focuses on reducing sound and noise levels in commercial spaces to improve the environment and make it a more comfortable and pleasant place to be. But at a live sporting or music event, the opposite is often the goal! The incredible sound of a roaring crowd is a crucial part of the buzz of a live football match, creating a sense of place, belonging and atmosphere for attendees and added support for [...]

Challenges of Returning to the Office

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A return to office working is now in sight for many of us, but the ways in which we work and collaborate have inevitably changed permanently. Companies will face some unique challenges of returning to the office. For some, an entire year of working from home has prompted a move away from the city to quieter areas without the hustle and bustle of the daily commute to and from the office. Naturally there is a resistance for some to return to the office [...]

Hospital Acoustics: The impact of noise on healthcare

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If you have ever had to stay overnight in a hospital before, you will understand how difficult it can be to get any sleep, or just simply relax. Surrounded by nurses chatting, machines beeping, trolleys rolling, noise is everywhere and regularly exceeding acceptable levels. Hospital Acoustics In the UK, 40% of hospital patients are bothered by noise at night; a consistent finding of the NHS Inpatient Survey, with noise levels over 100dB measured in intensive care units. Noise at this level [...]

Open Plan Offices: Are they good for productivity?

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Open plan working environments are nothing new, with open-plan offices in one from or another dominating workspaces for open plan office spaces have grown steadily in popularity over the last decade, with up to 75% of office workers now working in open plan style spaces where there is no physical division between colleagues. Open plan offices were first introduced in big tech companies like Google and Apple to encourage collaboration and communication between colleagues by creating shared working environments. But does it actually [...]

Camira Fabrics & Resonics

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Camira Fabrics is an award winning UK textile innovation company with a long history of creating fabrics for a wide range of sectors. They design and manufacture a huge range of fabrics for worldwide commercial interiors and transport. Camira continually endeavor to push beyond the technological limitations of fabric design and production, delivering aesthetic innovation and pioneering environmental manufacturing. Camira produce over 8 million metres of fabric a year, and are a truly great and globally successful company who love and celebrate their [...]

Demystifying Acoustics – The Resonics Guide to Reverberation Time

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Our Guide to Room Acoustics page covers an array of information ranging from the causes of poor acoustics to the difference between Soundproofing and Sound absorption. The aim of the page is to give our customers a brief but better understanding of acoustics and demystify some of the more complicated concepts that surround the subject. One of the key principles that is central to what we do and how we do it is 'Reverberation Time' (RT).  Below is a short, but useful guide [...]