12 Lesser-Known Buildings With Amazing Acoustics

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The world of acoustics is not just confined to finely tuned auditoriums and recording studios. The most intriguing sonic experiences can be had in some of the world’s unique buildings and structures. From the soothing sounds found at a UFO monitoring station in the heart of a Californian desert, to the world's longest reverb in disused oil tanks in Scotland, stunning soundscapes permeate all corners of the globe. Planning a trip anytime soon? Why not stimulate your ears with a detour to some of the world's lesser known sonic [...]

Guide To Perfect Home Cinema Acoustics

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Going to the movies is often described as an ‘immersive’ experience, like you are there in the movie, completely involved. This is because commercial cinemas are constructed with speakers that surround the listener, each of which are responsible for a different type of audio such as dialogue, soundtrack and ambient noise. The ability of the human ear to identify these sound sources and create a detailed soundscape is part of what makes going to the movies so great. For decades, enjoying this experience has meant [...]

Guide To Improving Home Studio Acoustics

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  Click infographic to enlarge. Not all studios are created equal. Anyone can buy some budget monitors and a cheap microphone, stick them in the corner of a room and voila! Home recording studio. But what separates the wheat from the chaff is the ability to make the right tweaks that will take your recording game to the next level. Use the following tips to turn your humble home set-up into a well-tuned recording studio. Accuracy VS Soundproofing. [...]

Reduce Office Noise In 6 Simple Steps

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It may be the leader in a social revolution, and wield immense power, yet Google has earned the wrath of one US journalist over its choice of office design. According to Lindsay Kaufman, Google is just one in a long list of globally resognised organisations that are ditching partitioned partitioned offices for open-plan designs, which she states are "beautifully airy, and yet remarkably oppressive", jeopardising privacy, particularly conversations. Even Toronto's new mayor John Tory has taken issue with the noise environment in his [...]

More Noise Must Be Made To Prevent Industrial Deafness Claims

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The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the landscape of workplace health and safety claims. A clampdown by the insurance industry on whiplash injuries – once the bane of insurers – has been replaced with a new cash cow for litigation lawyers: industrial deafness. The Association of British Insurers recently announced its plans to mount a lobbying campaign targeting the phenomenon; but while it scrambles to stem the ever increasing tide of claims, what can businesses do to prevent industrial deafness [...]

The Power of the Online Review – Why Restaurants Can’t Afford to be Too Noisy.

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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation – and 5 minutes to ruin it” Business magnate Warren Buffet’s quote couldn’t be truer than it is today. Apart from word-of-mouth recommendation, online opinions are considered the most trustworthy source of information today, so businesses can’t afford to ignore the fact that a bad review can leave their reputation hanging in the balance. Restaurants in particular are at the forefront of business sectors where online reputation can be a decider as to whether they [...]

Non-Exclusive Partnerships – An Opportunity for Acousticians and Noise Consultants

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Are you an acoustician or noise consultant looking for an acoustic design and installation specialist to take your recommendations and put them into practise? Resonics are experienced in taking acoustic surveys and reports and turning them into working acoustic solutions that look fantastic. A perfect accompaniment to your acoustic consultancy services, our design and installation teams will provide your clients with an acoustically effective, high-quality solution based on the recommendations given to us. So, if you are an acoustician, why is a non-exclusive partnership [...]

Demystifying Acoustics – The Resonics Guide to Reverberation Time

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Our new Acoustics Page covers an array of information ranging from the causes of poor acoustics to the difference between Soundproofing and Sound absorption. The aim of the page is to give our customers a better understanding of acoustics and demystify some of the more complicated concepts that surround the subject. One of the key principles that is central to what we do and how we do it is Reverberation Time (RT).  Below is a short, but useful guide to Reverberation and Reverberation Times. [...]