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5 Spaces You Wouldn’t Expect to See Acoustic Panels

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  At the Beavertown Brewery! When we think about acoustic panels, our minds often go straight to concert halls, recording studios, or bustling office spaces—environments where managing sound is clearly crucial. However, the versatility and utility of acoustic panels stretch far beyond these conventional settings. This article explores the innovative and sometimes surprising uses of acoustic panels in locations where you might not expect to find them, but where they play a vital role in enhancing the acoustic environment. [...]

13 Ways To Reduce Noise in Your Office

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13 Ways To Reduce Noise in Your Office: Ensuring a Productive and Healthy Work Environment The chorus of clacking keyboards, ringing phones, and everyday office chatter can be more than just a nuisance; it can hinder productivity and employee well-being. At Resonics, we specialize in harmonizing these sounds of industry into a symphony of silence.  In the bustling environment of an office, the importance of acoustics is often overlooked. Yet, it plays a significant role in creating a conducive work environment, and it [...]

Effective Solutions to Enhance Acoustics in Restaurants

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Effective Solutions to Enhance Acoustics in Restaurants Acoustics in restaurants significantly impact the customer experience. Noise issues, prevalent in many restaurants, were the top complaint among diners in a survey, even more than service or crowds. Noise not only affects mood and hearing but also alters taste perception. Research shows that food tastes better in quieter settings. Hence, understanding and managing acoustics is vital for restaurant owners, architects, and diners alike. Customers flock to your restaurant for a memorable experience, and the acoustics [...]

Why You Need Acoustic Panels for Your Home Office

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Why You Need Acoustic Panels for Your Home Office The rise of remote work has brought the home office into the spotlight. While the comfort of working in pajamas is a perk, the challenge of maintaining a quiet and focused workspace is real. That's where acoustic panels come in. These sound-absorbing marvels can transform your home office from a chaotic space into a haven of productivity. Acoustic panels in home offices are vital, especially during video calls, to reduce echoes which can impair [...]

An Ultimate Guide for Acoustic Treatment

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An Ultimate Guide for Acoustic Treatment Acoustic treatment is an often misunderstood aspect of audio production and room design. Yet, it plays a crucial role in how sound behaves in a space. This guide will answer all your questions about acoustic treatment, its effectiveness, cost, and much more. What is Acoustic Treatment? Acoustic treatment refers to the process of improving the acoustic properties of a room to achieve optimal sound quality. Unlike soundproofing, which aims to prevent sound from [...]

How Acoustic Panels can Improve Audio Quality in Streaming and Podcasting

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How Acoustic Panels can Improve Audio Quality in Streaming and Podcasting In today's digital age, streaming and podcasting have become increasingly popular methods of content creation and communication. Podcasting has seen a meteoric rise to popularity in recent years, with ad revenue from podcasts increasing by over 600% between 2015 and 2019. For content creators, ensuring top-notch audio quality is essential for attracting and maintaining a loyal audience. One effective solution to enhance audio quality is the use of acoustic panels. This article [...]

The Benefits of Acoustic Panels for Your Recording Studio

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 As a musician or sound engineer, you know that the quality of the sound in your recordings is crucial to their success. A recording studio is a place where sound can be manipulated and captured in a controlled environment. However, achieving the best possible sound quality in your recordings requires more than just good equipment. Acoustic treatment is an essential component of any recording studio, and one of the most important elements of acoustic treatment is the use of acoustic panels.   The [...]

Office Acoustic Panels: The Key to a Productive Workplace

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Office Acoustic Panels: The Key to a Productive Workplace Do you hear comments of "it's just too noisy" floating around your office? Do you have acoustic panels in your office? Working in an office can be challenging, especially when it comes to distractions caused by noise. In the modern office, which is either flexible or activity-based, screens and sound-absorbing panels play a vital role in interior design. These features enhance acoustics, enabling you to have conversations without causing a disturbance to others. With [...]

Our Top 6 Acoustic Panel Brands (In the World)

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The Top 6 Acoustic Panel Brands in the World What are Acoustic Panels? Almost everyone can benefit from adequate acoustic treatment. There are many brands available, but we will give a quick outline of the top acoustic panel brands today. Acoustic panels are required in any place that want to manage noise. They can be found in a variety of venues, including offices, recording studios, and meeting rooms. They are intended to drastically reduce echo and absorb sound waves, hence improving communication and [...]

Will Acoustic Panels Help with Noisy Neighbours?

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Muffle Those Noisy Neighbours: How Acoustic Panels Can Help You Enjoy Peace & Quiet Again Is the sound of your neighbour's blaring music keeping you from getting quality sleep? Has their late-night chatter become permanently lodged in your ears? We know it can be maddening, but never fear! You can regain tranquility and reclaim a peaceful home with acoustic panels. Wondering if acoustic panels will help with noisy neighbours? Keep reading to find out why these renowned noise absorbers are the perfect remedy [...]