Camira Fabrics is an award winning UK textile innovation company with a long history of creating fabrics for a wide range of sectors. They design and manufacture a huge range of fabrics for worldwide commercial interiors and transport.

Camira continually endeavor to push beyond the technological limitations of fabric design and production, delivering aesthetic innovation and pioneering environmental manufacturing. Camira produce over 8 million metres of fabric a year, and are a truly great and globally successful company who love and celebrate their British roots.

Resonics & Camira Fabrics

Resonics are proud to work closely with Camira to try and test a number of fabrics that are acoustically breathable and work beautifully with our stretched fabric systems.

Virtually all Camira fabrics work well with our FabricWall systems. As a general rule if you can breathe through a fabric it will allow sound to travel through and be absorbed by the absorption core behind. This allows us complete flexibility when working with architects and designers, giving them almost unlimited options when it comes to the choice of fabric.

Architects and designers that we work with know that they can specify just about any style of fabric, allowing them to focus on the texture, colour and also consider sustainability when choosing a fabric.

We are delighted to partner with another UK based company to supply stunning fabric wrapped acoustic solutions for our clients. We fitted out their London showroom with our stretched fabric systems back in 2018.

Camira Showroom in London

The Future of Stretched Fabric Systems

Stretched fabric systems such as FabricWall are one of the most commonly used acoustic products for absorbing reverberation and excess noise in commercial and residential interiors. As the benefits of good acoustics on productivity and well-being becomes more widely recognised, we expect stretched fabrics to continue to be a popular solution moving forward.

We also expect to see continuing trend of sourcing sustainable products to continue on larger corporate projects. Even within a niche industry such as acoustics, clients are enquiring about the origins of materials that are being installed. When we install a stretched fabric system, we use an acoustic core which is created from recycled plastic bottles, and our track is also a recycled plastic.

If a sustainable fabric is specified or chosen by the client, then the FabricWall system has strong roots in sustainable production.

FabricWall from Resonics

How does a stretched fabric system work?

All stretched fabric acoustic systems consist of three components:

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Perimeter Track

The Track is the concealed framework that holds the fabric tight and in place. Track is available in 12mm, 25mm and 50mm thicknesses with square, radius and bevelled profile options.

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Absorption Core

The Core is the unseen sound absorbing element in the system. We use rigid glass-fibre slabs or high performance acoustic foam. Sound absorbing cores are all acoustically tested with our system.

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The Fabric

Fabric is the visual element in the system. FabricWall is compatible with almost any fabric. Patterns and custom fabrics can also be used and we can create custom shapes and meet the countours of unique walls.

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For more on acoustics and fabrics, read our recent Q&A with Camira

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