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Barrisol Acoustic Products Supply & Install

Barrisol is a French manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in designing and producing high quality, technologically advanced stretched ceilings and acoustic systems. Barrisol embrace an innovative approach to product development, making them a world-leader in stretched systems.

Barrisol products are arguably the most versatile & resilient acoustic solutions on the market.  The acoustic sheet, made from 100% recyclable polymer, can withstand up to 150kg of water. The membranes across all three products are easily printable. The tracks allow the creation of 3D structures, slopes, curves and vaults.

Versatility Of Barrisol

All of Barrisol’s products are print friendly.

Barrisol’s products are all UV, weight and moisture resistant, ensuring no discolouration, sagging or moulding.

Barrisol’s track selection make their products highly versatile.

Over 200 colours available.


Barrisol Stretched Systems Range