AV Room Treatment

Good acoustics are crucial to the performance of even the best quality AV Systems.

Our AV Room Treatment Services

Why are acoustics so important in AV Rooms?

Audio-visual and video-conferencing systems installed in rooms with lots of hard surfaces always result in compromised sound quality, leading to poor speech intelligibility and a breakdown in communication. No matter how good the equipment is, without proper acoustic treatment the audio quality will suffer.

How can Resonics help?

Communication is key in AV/VC rooms as they are often spaces used for important meetings and presentations. Therefore good sound absorbing room acoustics are important  to ensure that room users can hear and understand each other. Work and discussions taking place in AV/VC rooms often require a lot of concentration. Therefore good sound insulation is important to ensure sound from outside spaces does not travel into the meeting room.

Free Acoustic Surveys

No matter how large or small the project. From single meeting rooms to multi-level open plan spaces, our team of surveyors will meet with you and discuss your acoustic problem and the various options for solving it. We will listen to your concerns and goals. Accurately measure the space for designs and follow up with a full proposal. Our surveys can take as little as 30 minutes, or all day to complete.

Acoustic survey

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Free Acoustic Design

Every report we provide our clients include a detailed CAD design detailing the location of the acoustic finishes. Where necessary, wall elevation drawings will be presented. Products, textures and colours will be presented based on our consultation with you to enable you to make easy decisions or changes to suit the aesthetics of your space. You will never be charged design fees.

Acoustic Design

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Free Remote Proposals

Sometimes our clients like to receive advice and quotations remotely. By simply sending any drawings you may have and internal photographs, our acoustic consultant will calculate what is required to treat your room or building. We will return a full proposal which will include a room acoustic assessment, design, recommended products and a quotation to supply and install.

Free Proposal

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Free Acoustic Testing

As part of any full proposal, we offer free of charge NTI RT60 (room reverberation time testing) for before and after results. This testing allows us to more accurately calculate what is required for your project and to give you the data showing the acoustic improvement when we have completed the project. You will find that this service is normally chargeable.

Free testing

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Free Sound Masking Demo

Our sound masking system provides the ultimate soundproofing solution for commercial spaces. Eradicating speech privacy problems and reducing distraction in the workplace. Without prior experience it can be difficult to appreciate how this system work. So we offer free of charge sound masking demo's to all commercial clients.

Free Demo

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Full Acoustic Audit Package

We offer a comprehensive range of site testing and acoustic audit services to all sectors. Our audits include detailed reporting and test data with a focus on the solution. We want our reports to be easy to understand. This package is chargeable, but we are committed to discounting to zero should you contract Resonics to undertake the acoustic works.

acoustic audit

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Our service promise

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We have completed more turn-key acoustic treatments than any other UK company. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our assessments involve a site visit from a Resonics specialist acoustic consultant to assess the space. This is followed by a comprehensive proposal, including a detailed acoustic design and a specification of recommended products. We provide all our clients with a calculated acoustic assessment, showing the existing pre-treated reverberation time and projected reverberation time after suggested treatments. You will not be charged for this acoustic consultant time.

Our free testing service include: reverberation (echo) time tests, and speech privacy tests. We will not charge you for these services as part of a quoted proposal. We also offer full acoustic audits which include distraction distance tests, well-being assessments, speech privacy tests, noise monitoring and airborne and impact sound tests. Our full acoustic audits do come with a fee – but we will not charge those fees if we are contracted to carry out the acoustic works.

We won’t tell you that you have a problem with unwanted sound – we will tell you how to fix your problem in a way that suits your budget and complements your design requirements. Our team will develop the right solution, using the right products, showing you what it will look like and how much it will cost.

We work closely with our clients to create a design-led solution that either enhances a room’s aesthetics or blends into the existing decor. On the back of every noise assessment we carry out, we will provide a proposal that will include a high quality CAD drawing showing in detail the quantity and placement of acoustic products. Product images, technical information and acoustic performance ratings are also included in our designs. Our plans ensure that we have proposed the right products for the acoustic problem in your specific space. Our acoustic consultants have unrivalled knowledge of all of the acoustic product systems in the marketplace. As with all of our preliminary services, our clients do not pay for our designs, it comes as part of the package.

Our highly-skilled fitters are experienced in the installation of all acoustic systems, even the most complex. Some systems are more complicated than others and must be installed to exact manufacturer recommendations. That is why we ensure our fitters have had full installation training with every product we offer on this website. Resonics has preferred installer status with all advertised manufacturers, such as EPIC contractor status with Saint Gobain Ecophon. Our in-house health and safety programme ensures all of our fixers are fully trained, have the correct PPE equipment and are provided with method and risk assessments for every installation. Our team of surveyors and installers include certified IPAF specialists and SSSTS, SSSMS trained supervisors. All installers hold CSCS cards and we have team leaders with full H&S and Asbestos Awareness training.

Our Process

Explore recent acoustic projects

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Our clients

Our acoustic consultants work with contractors, architects, acoustic suppliers, facilities managers and end users to deliver our acoustic projects to an array of spaces.

Why choose us

  • Our acoustic consultancy is often completely free of charge with no obligation throughout the UK.
  • For commercial office, school and village hall spaces suffering from echo, we offer RT60 reverberation time site testing free of charge, with our quotation.

  • For all other spaces, we will not charge for any site acoustic testing services if you proceed with our quotation.

  • Guarantee only to propose solutions which will meet or exceed your expectations. We will never undertake a project we feel will not solve the acoustic problem.

  • We have secured the most competitive supply chain material rates and will beat any written like-for-like quotation.

  • No other company in the UK has completed more interior acoustic projects. With this experience we offer unrivalled expertise in every aspect of interior acoustic treatment.

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    Why Resonics?

    We offer the most competitive pricing on sound absorbing solutions in the UK.
    The quality of our products and installation surpasses that of any other acoustic solutions company.
    We ensure the highest quality finish with every attention paid to aesthetics – no matter what your budget.
    We are ISO 14001 Accredited and offer a wide range of sustainable products.