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New Product – Ecophon Master Matrix

By |2017-08-11T11:11:43+00:00April 24th, 2014|Acoustic Ceilings|

We are now supplying and installing the fantastic NEW Ecophon Master Matrix ceiling system. Designed by Ecophon to be ‘a perfect match for larger spaces and TABS’, this great new system combines efficient installation, perfect aesthetics and superior sound control. Quick, Easy & Safe Installation Using a suspended grid system that allows each panel to be ‘clicked’ into place, the Master Matrix system is one of the quickest, easiest and safest systems to install. The grid system allows for complete accuracy meaning there [...]

Our Sustainability Credentials – ISO 14001 Accreditation

By |2017-08-11T11:11:28+00:00April 7th, 2014|Sustainability|

In January this year, Resonics were approved for the ISO 14001 accreditation. This means we have met ISO’s criteria for implementing an effective environmental management system. Our consistent approach to sustainability over the years has culminated in this prestigious award . We are very proud of the efforts we undertake to ensure our sustainability credentials are operative in every aspect of our work. Our own defined sustainability standards that we work to are: working with suppliers and product manufacturers who share the same [...]

Case Study: Staff Canteen Acoustics – DFID

By |2017-08-11T11:17:27+00:00April 1st, 2014|Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Restaurant Acoustics|

The Problem The Department of International Development (DFID) contacted Resonics for an acoustic survey and assessment for their staff canteen and break-out area at their London offices in Whitehall. The café and break area were suffering from a reverberation problem which was caused by a large number of hard surfaces and high ceilings. The result of the reverberant environment was excessive noise levels, lack of privacy and poor speech intelligibility. With the space being used for a number of purposes ranging from café [...]

Case Study: Crown Packaging

By |2020-01-14T14:25:45+00:00March 24th, 2014|Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Office Acoustics|

The Problem Resonics recently completed a project for Crown Packaging in Oxfordshire where the brief was to improve the acoustics in a large and noisy open plan office. An acoustic survey undertaken by one of Resonics’ acoustic consultants found the reverberation time to be 1.81s in the space, resulting in a harsh acoustic environment and creating problems of poor speech intelligibility and concentration. An extremely common problem in open plan work environments, lots of people talking, using phones, walking and using photocopiers make [...]

Taming Acoustics In Glass Offices

By |2020-04-16T12:00:41+00:00March 4th, 2014|Room Acoustics, Office Acoustics|

Rooms that are surrounded by glass walls and windows needn’t have issues with echo and reverberation. Whilst it’s true that the majority of acoustic panels and acoustic products are attached to walls and ceilings, there are a few solutions on the market that can be attached to or are ideal for covering glass surfaces whilst also offering fantastic sound absorbency. On any project that requires an acoustic solution in a largely glass surrounded space, we are likely to recommend one of the following [...]

Soundproofing or Sound Absorption – What’s the Difference?

By |2020-07-21T15:31:57+00:00March 3rd, 2014|Acoustic Panels, Sound Proofing|

Anyone that has an issue with noise may come to us asking for a ‘soundproofing’ solution. Businesses, schools, restaurants, theatres, halls and hospitals all have a tendency to struggle with controlling sound. For some it’s the sound within the room that needs to be lessened, whilst for others it’s the sound from elsewhere that needs to be blocked from leaving or entering a room. ‘Soundproofing’ is often used as a general term that encompasses all interior acoustic solutions.  But in fact, soundproofing is [...]

School Acoustics and BB93 – What’s New for 2014?

By |2017-08-11T11:16:05+00:00February 3rd, 2014|School Acoustics|

It’s no surprise that a lot of time and research goes into studying school acoustics – it’s believed that in severe cases students cannot hear up to 70% of the consonants spoken by a teacher (Source: Department for Education). The learning process is massively hindered by poor room acoustics as it affects the performance of both the teaching staff and the pupils. BB93 – an overview Growing awareness of the importance of good acoustics in schools led to the publication of Building Bulletin [...]

Our Top 10 Sound Absorbing Solutions

By |2020-04-16T08:25:21+00:00January 9th, 2014|Acoustic Panels, Sound Absorption|

There are an abundance of sound absorbers currently on the market, and depending on our clients’ individual needs and budget, we are likely to recommend any one of the tried and tested products available in our product catalogue. But there are some panels that we use more than others and some that are fantastic when it comes to certain criteria. Here is our Top 10 list of panels that tick the boxes for some or most of the criteria below. Effectiveness or sound absorbency rating [...]