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Metamaterials: Soundproofing The Future

Noisy neighbours, deafening air conditioning units, those disconcerting aeroplane creaks and whirs. These are all noisy nuisances that we think of as part and parcel of our day to day lives. Until now. It turns out some smart people in the worlds of science and engineering have been busy exploiting new discoveries made in [...]

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Sound Absorption & Sound Masking – How do They Compare?

You may have heard of sound masking and evepan looked into it as a possible solution for your room acoustic issues. There's no denying that it is an practical fix in some cases and it certainly has its advantages. But how does it compete with sound absorption - which is often perceived as the most effective way [...]

The Power of the Online Review – Why Restaurants Can’t Afford to be Too Noisy.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation – and 5 minutes to ruin it” Business magnate Warren Buffet’s quote couldn’t be truer than it is today. Apart from word-of-mouth recommendation, online opinions are considered the most trustworthy source of information today, so businesses can’t afford to ignore the fact that a bad review can [...]

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Demystifying Acoustics – Resonics’ 7 Rules of Sound Absorption

Continuing our series on demystifying acoustics, our ‘7 Rules of Sound Absorption’ focuses on how to optimise the use of sound absorbing materials to achieve the perfect acoustic environment. With years of experience of working with a huge range of room types and noise problems, we have honed a few simple principles that ensure the [...]

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Non-Exclusive Partnerships – An Opportunity for Acousticians and Noise Consultants

Are you an acoustician or noise consultant looking for an acoustic design and installation specialist to take your recommendations and put them into practise? Resonics are experienced in taking acoustic surveys and reports and turning them into working acoustic solutions that look fantastic. A perfect accompaniment to your acoustic consultancy services, our design and installation teams [...]

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Demystifying Acoustics – The Resonics Guide to Reverberation Time

Our new Acoustics Page covers an array of information ranging from the causes of poor acoustics to the difference between Soundproofing and Sound absorption. The aim of the page is to give our customers a better understanding of acoustics and demystify some of the more complicated concepts that surround the subject. One of the key principles [...]

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The Use of Acoustic Panels as Notice Boards – Ecophon’s Safety Assurance

Notice Boards are often at the heart of offices, schools and other working environments creating hubs for notices, work and other important documents. Whilst acoustic panels are, practically speaking, ideal for use as notice boards little has been researched into the safety of using sound absorbers as display panels. When pins are used on acoustic [...]

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New Product – Ecophon Master Matrix

We are now supplying and installing the fantastic NEW Ecophon Master Matrix ceiling system. Designed by Ecophon to be ‘a perfect match for larger spaces and TABS’, this great new system combines efficient installation, perfect aesthetics and superior sound control. Quick, Easy & Safe Installation Using a suspended grid system that allows each panel to [...]

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Our Sustainability Credentials – ISO 14001 Accreditation

In January this year, Resonics were approved for the ISO 14001 accreditation. This means we have met ISO’s criteria for implementing an effective environmental management system. Our consistent approach to sustainability over the years has culminated in this prestigious award . We are very proud of the efforts we undertake to ensure our sustainability credentials [...]

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Case Study: Staff Canteen Acoustics – DFID

The Problem The Department of International Development (DFID) contacted Resonics for an acoustic survey and assessment for their staff canteen and break-out area at their London offices in Whitehall. The café and break area were suffering from a reverberation problem which was caused by a large number of hard surfaces and high ceilings. The result [...]