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We conduct free assessments of offices and commercial spaces across London & the UK. Our assessment will address issues of speech privacy and ambient noise levels. We will help you achieve optimal acoustics in your space.

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We offer a supply & installation service across Arktura's range of premium quality architectural acoustic products and solutions. Choose from their product offering of wall panels, baffles and screens.

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Arktura Soft Sound is made from regenerated PET fibers with a minimum of 60% recycled content. Arktura pursue sustainable practices in manufacturing that close the loop on the circular economy

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Patented System

Leading the development of textile manufacturing and technology, with worldwide talent and design expertise, Acoufelt creates holistic sound-scaping solutions with architectural interior acoustic products.

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Arktura Product Range

Vapor Acoustic Wall Panels

The Vapor® wall and ceiling panel system creates a contemporary aesthetic with abstract patterns. Its understated intricacy adds visual appeal to expansive areas and various rooms. Customize the system by choosing an additional backing material, such as our acoustically efficient and visually pleasing Soft Sound® option, or opt for our translucent frosted polycarbonate backer to enclose the system.

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SoftGrid Ceiling Baffles

The SoftGrid® family of ceiling elements offers limitless design and acoustic possibilities, whether you use a single module or multiple ones. Select your desired pattern from the SoftGrid® library and enjoy the straightforward assembly and hanging process that is compatible with most ceiling types. These modules can be used individually as a striking focal point or interconnected using bridge clips to create a dynamic architectural layout. Furthermore, recent updates introduce Duo Tone finish options for most modules, enabling innovative opportunities for acoustic design and performance.

Arktura Arborisa

The Arborisa™ biophilic acoustic modules draw inspiration from nature to create a collection of designs that blend organic angular accents with abstract linear forms. These generously sized acoustic clouds extend across spaces, offering comprehensive sound coverage for those beneath them. Emulating the grand appearance of a tree canopy, these modules, crafted from our Soft Sound® acoustic material, branch out in different directions, delivering a range of acoustic coverage whether used individually or grouped together.

Variety of patterns and colours

The elevated aesthetic of this acoustic cloud system arrives in four naturally expansive designs: Arborisa™ Nest, Arborisa™ Axil, Arborisa™ Aura, anArborisa™ Denza. 

Real-Time Volume-Adjustment

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No one office is the same as the next, and each office has different sound environments, demands and user routines. The beauty of SmartSMS is its ability to adapt to the ever changing sound environment of any given space. For instance, when the office is particularly loud, the systems will increase the level of masking to improve user comfort. Conversely, when the space is quiet, SmartSMS will act more discreetly, with lower levels of masking.

24/7 Sound Masking

Soft DB’s SmartSMS systems adjust the level masking every 15 seconds and can be active 24 hours a day, if needed.

The adjustment system (US 8116461 B2) can detect subtle changes in ambient noise levels using sound level sensors installed throughout the space. Signal-processing allows the controller to automatically adjust the level of white noise masking required.


SoftShapes™ introduces a fresh perspective to commercial acoustic design through three distinctive shapes: Tri, Quad, and Hex, offering three, four, and six sides of immersive auditory experience. These versatile geometric building blocks are available in various sizes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, providing effective sound attenuation precisely where it is needed. SoftShapes™ modules can be arranged in a tiled pattern across a space, used as freestanding clouds, combined with other Arktura Systems (such as TriSoft®, SoundStar®, SoftGrid®, etc.), or grouped together dynamically to optimize your design vision.

Automatic Equilisation

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A patented calibration system allows the SmartSMS systems to take specific physical variations in workspaces into account when emitting sound masking noise. Acoustic environments are influenced by room size, surface finishes, ceiling types etc.

Accurate Sound Masking Adjustment

SmartSMS uses a sensor system to monitor the variations in how each space’s unique characteristics respond to the acoustic environment. Based on this data, it automatically calibrates the noise spectrum that must be used to emit a non-disruptive sound masking noise.

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