Are acoustic panels worth it?

Yes, acoustic panels are definitely worth it! They have many benefits, and no real downsides apart from the initial set up costs involved. Almost any space can benefit from improved acoustics.

When installed properly, acoustic panels can be a powerful tool for resolving a wide range of acoustic or soundproofing problems. Whether they arise in a workplace, pub, bar, village hall or any other area that frequently hosts big crowds of people.

Can you relate to the feeling of having your space filled with too much noise? Is it disrupting your sleep, creating an unappealing atmosphere to entertain guests, or even worse impacting your mental health? It can be a daunting experience trying to reduce the sound intensity in your home, office or studio. Investing in acoustic panels is one surefire way to make that happen – but is it worth putting money into them?

Your investment in acoustic panels is worthwhile. They miraculously absorb all unwanted sound waves that would otherwise bounce off and disturb the room’s acoustics. The greatest way to lower the room’s mid- and high-frequency sound waves is with acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are worth it especially for those with hearing difficulties or challenges.

hearing testing

Hearing issues can be more easily managed with good room acoustics

If this all sounds a bit daunting, why not speak to one of our acoustic specialists for some advice, book a survey or get a guide on how much it will cost to fix your issues!

What is acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment is the process of minimizing sound and noise, as well as creating a desirable listening environment. The term “acoustic treatment” describes a number of methods used to improve a room’s acoustics by minimising reflections, echoes, and reverberations. Acoustic treatment often entails the placement of sound-absorbing devices strategically throughout the room, such as acoustic panels, foam, or other specialised items, in order to absorb sound waves and lower noise levels.

Between a space that has been treated for acoustics and one that hasn’t is a world of difference. These panels are a unique item made to lessen echoes, reverberations, and heat generated by sound waves. But there’s much more to what makes acoustic panels worthwhile than that! Good acoustics can drastically improve the overall experience of your space;

In a restaurant

Bad acoustics can ruin the ambience of your restaurant. It can be too loud for people to speak to eachother. People with hearing impairments or anxiety will be very uncomfortable. Adding acoustic treatment will solve these issues.

acoustics in restaurant

Outside the box acoustics at Pizza Express Banbury

In an office

Bad acoustics in an office results in a distracting environment, where even the smallest noises are amplified due to the myriad of hard surfaces. The addition of soft absorbing materials improve productivity, concentration and general well-being. The use of office acoustic panels is almost essential in modern office design.

acoustics in office

There are many ways to solve the problem

In a village hall

We often see poor acoustics in village halls, as absorptive materials have been replaced over time with modern extensions of these old buildings. Events, meetings, and other community gatherings suffer from excessive noise issues without acoustic panels in the space.

acoustic panels installed in village hall

Village Hall Acoustic Panels

In a meeting room

Issues with excess reverberation create issues with concentration and meeting quality. Lots of echo in meeting rooms also result in poor audio quality on calls, e-meetings or video calls. Adding just a few correctly placed panels can have an immediate improvement.

Acoustic panels for acoustic treatment

Acoustic panels are a useful tool for controlling the atmosphere and lowering sound reverberation. These sound-absorbing panels reduce the amount of sound reflection that can cause rooms to sound unduly echoing by absorbing sound waves. You can tailor acoustic panels to meet your unique demands because they are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials. They are an excellent alternative for people who want to lower noise levels in their homes or workplaces because they are also fairly easy to install and maintain. Acoustic panels are a great option whether you need to lessen echos from loud machinery or just want a more inviting setting for meetings and chats.

Top 9 Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panels

The list of benefits of acoustic panels is quite extensive, but to name a few.

  1. Eliminating residual and ambient noise by absorbing it
  2. Improve sound and speech intelligibility
  3. Increase privacy within open plan spaces
  4. More welcoming and comfortable environment for users or patrons
  5. Boosted productivity in offices thanks to improved concentration
  6. Better sound quality in music venues or studios
  7. Better sound quality on both ends of video and audio calls
  8. Reduce stress levels thanks to reduced noise levels
  9. Improve the aesthetics and style of your space

They also help reduce distractions in workplaces and classrooms by creating an atmosphere where everyone can focus better. By installing acoustic panels, everyone can enjoy a more peaceful environment with less stress.


Different Types of Acoustic Panels

There are many different types of acoustic panels available, each with its own unique application and benefit. The basic types include;

Wall-mounted acoustic panels

Probably what comes to mind for most people when they think of ‘acoustic panels’. These are mounted to the wall with varying methods, they are a quick and easy solution which works in most environments.

Wall panels

Wall panels can be used in almost any space!

Free standing acoustic panels

Freestanding panels can be used in spaces with little available wall space due, and can often be moved in and out of the room as necessary.

Ceiling mounted acoustic panels

Fixed to the ceiling using brackets, wire hangers or directly using adhesives. Panels can be installed in line with existing ceiling layouts.

Suspended acoustic ceiling panels

Hanging Acoustic Screens

Suspended screens are hanging acoustic panels which add an aesthetically yet functional piece of furniture, that reduces the intensity of sound.

Within these different types of panels, there are endless choices in terms of design, materials, shape, sizes, thicknesses or fabrics.

autex cascade hanging screens

Autex Cascade hanging screens


Why are acoustic panels so expensive?

Due to high shipping costs, the materials used to make acoustic panels are expensive, and there is significant amounts of labour and specialty skills required to fit them correctly.

The acoustic core or foam

Due the open cell structure of acoustic foam it is more expensive to produce and requires more man-hours to perfect. Additionally, the market’s need is restricted to sound absorption, which further constricts its utilisation. Acoustic panels have a singular purpose. They are a specialty product and made in specific ways.

The size and weight

Acoustic panels are also expensive due to high shipping and transport costs. Panels are often up to 2.4m x 1.2m in size and can weigh more than 25kg each. With rising transport and storage costs, these must be taken into account when considering the budget and price for your project.

Confusion in the market

Every man and his dog will try and sell you a flimsy piece of acoustic foam or something that looks good but actually doesn’t help acoustically. After you purchase and install them, you realise they have not solved the problem.

Resonics are a specialist acoustics business, where we look to solve the issues in the space using a variety of products that meet your budget and design requirements. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer, instead working with you to determine your goals and achieve them for you from start to finish.

Can you get acoustic panels for cheap or on a tight budget?

Making the best choice acoustic choices for your house or place of business involves time and consideration, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You may design a space that you’ll feel comfortable in with little work while staying within budget by considering your needs, becoming creative with money-saving options, considering aesthetic choices, and keeping an eye on functionality.

Products such as FabricWall or individual SilentSpace Fabric Wrapped panels offer a cost effective option that also provides excellent sound absorption qualities.


Acoustic panels are invaluable for controlling sound reverberation and creating an ideal sound environment for any home or workspace. Installing the right kind of acoustic panels offers a multitude of benefits. At Resonics, we offer a complete service of acoustic survey, design, supply and installation of the solution.

If you just want to improve the acoustics of your home office or studio, you may be able to do the job yourself. Have a read of our sister company Sonio’s article on the Top 3 Cost Effective Acoustic Panels which they can supply directly to you.

Before you make your choice, consider the various types of acoustic panels available and how their specific attributes best meet the needs of your home or workspace. With a wide range of cost-effective options available, making the right decision should be easy. With a little careful research and thoughtfulness in your selection process, you can create an acoustic paradise without breaking the bank.

Acoustic panels are worth it, regardless of what space you are dealing with!