Rooms that are surrounded by glass walls and windows needn’t have issues with echo and reverberation. Whilst it’s true that the majority of acoustic panels and acoustic products are attached to walls and ceilings, there are a few solutions on the market that can be attached to or are ideal for covering glass surfaces whilst also offering fantastic sound absorbency. On any project that requires an acoustic solution in a largely glass surrounded space, we are likely to recommend one of the following products:

Lesco Mitesco Panels
Mitesco Panels (pictured above) are becoming increasingly popular amongst designers and architects due to their astounding flexibility when it comes to installation. One of the many methods that the panels can be fitted is with magnetic attachment fittings that are great for using on glass walls. The panels can also be freestanding or attached via suspended wires in front of glass partition walls. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the panels, it’s incredibly easy to attach and remove the panels using any one of the fitting methods available. Ideal for glass offices and multipurpose rooms such as galleries where the acoustics may need to be modified for different uses.

BuzziBoard Panels
Buzziboard panels not only look fantastic, but they are ideal when it comes to installing acoustic panels onto glass partition walls and windows. Like the Mitesco panel, BuzziBoard panels are fitted to glass using a system of magnets that hold the boards tightly in place. The boards are very easy to install and move about making them a great, flexible option. The boards themselves can be used as memo boards giving them a practical dimension, ideal for glass offices.

Vescom Acoustic Curtains
Another great solution for rooms with a high proportion of glass walls that can’t be fitted with traditional acoustic panels. The lightweight Vesom Curtain comes in three fabrics – Carmen, Marmarma and Formoza. These high quality fabrics offer fantastic sound absorption. Available in neutral colours, the curtains are stylish and understated. Great for covering glass in offices, hotels and lobbies as well as providing acoustic partitian in multi-purpose halls.

We would happily recommend any one of the above products when assessing the acoustics of a space with a high proportion of glass surfaces. The flexibility of installation and quality of the materials used to make all three of the above ideal solutions for reducing reverberation in space. Contact us to find out more about the interior acoustic solutions available for glass offices.