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Acoustic Screens and Partitions

Acoustic screens are a flexible way of ensuring acoustic comfort and privacy whilst also providing movable partitions that can offer effective space organisation. Acoustically speaking, screens provide sound absorptive surfaces which reduce reverberation in a room, making the space acoustically more pleasant. Acoustic partitions provide improved speech clarity, maintain confidentiality and help improve concentration levels. Ergonomically screens can block visual distractions and create versatile spaces that can be adjusted and moved around for different requirements.  Take a look at our full range of acoustic panel products below.

Our Complete Service

We will undertake a full assessment of your space and advise you on the most effective treatments for your specific problem. We will also make a full acoustic assessment after our treatment is complete.
Our design-led focus means we will make your room look and sound better. We will provide detailed CAD drawings of your space so you can see how our solutions complement your design objectives.
Our highly skilled fitters are experienced in the installation of every acoustic system we offer on this website. Our fitters have years’ of experience meaning we welcome even the most complex installations.