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All you need to provide is some basic details about your space and our team will provide you with an accurate costing to resolve your acoustic problem, and drastically improve the acoustics of your space

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Free CAD Drawings

We provide you with detailed CAD drawings, as well as recommended products so that you can easily understand how our solutions will complement your design objectives.

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Acoustic Survey

We also offer a complimentary site survey so that we can give you on-site recommendations and advice in person. Our acoustic specialists can thoroughly inspect and analyse the space to recommend the best solution.

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Our Clients

We work with main contractors, architects, acoustic suppliers, facilities managers and end users to deliver our acoustic projects to an array of spaces.

Why Choose Us

  • Our acoustic survey, full design and no obligation quotation service is completely free of charge throughout the UK.
  • We focus on design, creating innovative, visually pleasing installations.
  • Our noise assessment and design process ensures we specify the exact quantity of acoustic treatment required. Ensuring there is little waste and our customers are not over spending.
  • We work closely with the leading acoustic product manufacturers to get the best prices for our customers.
  • Our installers have a wealth of experience and knowledge meaning they can install even the most complex of acoustic systems.

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    Email us at [email protected] to get a quick turn-around proposal with accurate costs. We’ll need a brief description of your acoustic problem, room dimensions, photos (if possible) and any plans/drawings you have.

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    Nationwide Office: 0844 884 4011
    London Office: 020 7858 1030
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: Unit A Clarson Court, 130 Gosterwood St, London, SE8 5NY.

    Why Resonics?

    We offer the most competitive pricing on sound absorbing solutions in the UK.
    The quality of our products and installation surpasses that of any other acoustic solutions company.
    We ensure the highest quality finish with every attention paid to aesthetics – no matter what your budget.
    We are ISO 14001 Accredited and offer a wide range of sustainable products.