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Panels Of Simplicity & Versatility

Milleforma Cotone range of acoustic panels for walls and tiles are a marriage between material simplicity, customisable design and a focus on nature and sustainability.

Combining cotton linters, high quality clays and natural earth pigments, the range of sound absorbing tiles offer a host of architectural functions.

These acoustic panels are not just highly functional – but aesthetically versatile. With six shapes as individual tiles, and a wide range of standard colours, the tiles are made to mix and match to create a completely bespoke and unique design.

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Technical Information


W 295mm | H 295mm


W 590mm | H 295mm


A+B 295mm | C 417mm


A+B 295mm | C 302mm | D 359mm


A+B 295mm | C 148mm | D 195mm | E 148mm


A 497mm | B 269mm | C 295mm | D 295mm

    • Milleforma tiles do not accumulate dust.
    • Surface dirt can be cleaned adequately using a dry rag.
    • Do not use water, soap or liquid detergents.
    • The treatments to which Milleforma products are subjected do not degrade the chemical/physical characteristics, therefore at the end of their use they are withdrawn directly from the producer and are reintroduced into the production process, reusing 100% of the constituent material.
    • Tiles can be disassembled and re-used
    • The tile are completely colored in the mixture, any damages are not evident. In the event of substantial damage, damaged tiles can be replaced individually. It is necessary to carefully remove the compromised elements avoiding to ruin the edges of the surrounding tiles.
    • The tiles can be ground down and recycled (used as substrate, ballast and filling material)