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Lignosi Eco-Sound Timber Acoustic Panels

Lignosi manufacture a wide selection of high quality wooden slat wall acoustic panels in a variety of veneer finishes. They are designed to lift your existing decor in a minimalist and stylish fashion, while adding acoustic absorption to the space. The warm, rustic tones of the timber add a truly unique element to any residential or commercial space.

Each panel measures approx. 2400 x 600 mm and is produced using battens 11 mm thick and 27 mm wide, with a gap of 13 mm in between. The battens are mounted on a 9mm base of acoustic felt. The overall thickness is approx. 22 mm including the slats and the felt.


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All of our products are produced in the EU, supporting local manufacturing and high European quality standards. At the same time, keeping transport routes as short as possible and minimising CO2 emissions.

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