Project Description

Autex Lattice – A Distinctive Acoustic Baffle

The Lattice is Autex’s signature acoustic baffle and comes in three distinct shapes and designs. Quietspace Lattice is cut from PET panels into three shapes: Trapezium, Torus and Eclipse.

Trapezium represents a traditional rectangular acoustic baffle, while Torus and Eclipse are unique designs that are perfect as ceiling features.

Each panel offers up to up Class A acoustic absorption, a degree of diffusion and are lightweight, yet durable. Made from 100% polyester the panels are moisture resistant and unaffected by mould or mildew.

Info & Downloads

Autex Trapezium Data Sheet

Autex Torus Data Sheet

Autex Eclipse Data Sheet

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Product Details

Sizing Options:

Quietspace lattice trapezium baffle

Trapezium: 1180mm x 290mm

Drawing of Lattice torus

Torus: 725mm x 293mm

Quietspace lattic eclipse drawing

Eclipse: 1197mm (widest point) x 2346mm (longest point) x 337mm (highest point )

Quietspace trapezium acoustic graph

Quietspace Trapezium acoustic performance

Quietspace Torusa acoustic graph

Quietspace Torusa acoustic performance

Quietspace Eclipse acoustic graph

Quietspace Eclipse acoustic performance

 Environment & Sustainability: Quietspace Lattice panels are made from 60% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET bottleflake). Uncontaminated Cube panels can be recycled.

 Fire Safety: ISO 9705: 1993 Classification: Group 1-S Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s As required by NZBC C/VM2

Autex Lattice baffles come in a range standard colours. The panels can also be printed on, giving a range of colour, branding and decorative options.