About Hunter Douglas Wood Ceilings

Hunter Douglas offer a wide range of sophisticated wood ceiling solutions. Available in solid and veneered finishes, linear and grid arrangements, and with different perforation options for acoustic performance, the wood range offers flexibility and a warm, stunning look.

Both solid and veneered options come with a wide range finishes and wood species to perfectly match the aesthetic of your space. The  panels are varnish treated to protect the wood against moisture, dust and dirt.

Wooden Ceilings


Solid Wood Linear

Hunter Douglas’ standard interior wood ceiling offering. A made to measure solution, reducing installation time and cost. The panel size and gap is fully customistable.

Key features:

  • Width: 63 / 68 / 70 / 82.6 / 92 /110 / 116mm
  • Length: Up to 2500mm
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Finishes: 20+ wood species available

Veneered Wood Linear

Veneered Wood Linear panels are an environmentally friendly, acoustically robust ceiling system. The open joint system, covered with a non woven acoustic tissue offers and made of an MDF core offers up to 0.70 Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC).  With the demountable clips, the panels can be easily installed and be removed to have access to the plenum.

Key features:

  • Composition: MDF core with wooden top layer
  • Width: 90 / 120 / 150 / 200 / 230mm.
  • Thickness: 17 / 20mm
  • Finish: 20+ wood species available
  • Acoustic ratings: aw 0.5 /  NRC 0.70

Metal Woodprint

Metal Woodprint panels offer a cost-effective ceiling solution that lets you realise wood designs for the Hunter Douglas range of metal ceilings. Additionally available with acoustic solutions.

Key features:

  • Compatible with the Hunter Douglas range of metal ceilings.
  • Choose from prints such as Palisander, Pine, Cedar, Birch and Oak.
  • Aluminium 92% recycled content; 100% recyclable.

Solid Wood Grill

The Solid Wood Grill system consits of wooden slats joined together with an aluminium dowel. You can choose your own grill dimensions, allowing for a customisable design. The system is demountable and allows for easy plenum access.

Key features:

  • Width / Length / Height: 20mm / 2500mm / 32 – 120mm.
  • Finish: 20+ wood species available
  • Acoustics: Optionally supplied with acoustic fleece

Veneered Wood Grill

Hunter Douglas Grill system with a veneered finish. Curved and undulating shapes are available as well as a variety of organic of engineered wood veneers.

Key features:

  • Width / Height: 17 – 20 -26 – 31mm / 65 – 150mm
  • Joint Width: 50 – 150mm