About Fabric Wall Panels & Stretched Fabric Systems

FabricWall stretched systems are site-fabricated stretched fabric acoustic wall panels that not only look fantastic, but they provide amazing sound absorption too. The system is made up of three components: track, acoustic core and fabric. The sound absorbing core allows up to 90% sound absorption while the fabric surface provides a beautiful finish. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, FabricWall stretched systems can suit any interior. Patterns and custom fabrics can also be used. Installations do not require exact site measuring, which eliminates delays waiting for prefabricated acoustic panel products. For a detailed look at this solution visit our dedicated website.

Fabric Wall Acoustic Specification and Data

The acoustic Fabric Wall offers different grades of sound absorption depending on the depth of the system chosen. We offer a 25mm and 50mm depth, offering Class A and Class B absorption. In every practical sense, the 50mm system absorbs up to 90% of sound that strikes it, whereas the 25mm system absorbs between 80% and 85% of sound.

Our fabric system has been tested by expert acousticians. The table below table below shows the results for both systems using a scalar noise reduction coefficient (NRC). A standard acoustically breathable fabric was used along with our standard glasswool acoustic core.

acoustic coefficient of acoustic fabric wall