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About Ecophon Solo Square Hanging Panels

The Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panel offers a clean, minimalist look with supreme sound absorption performance. The Solo Square is an unframed free hanging unit offering a high degree of design possibilities both regarding colours and suspension systems. The nature of the system also means sound can be absorbed from all sides of the panel giving outstanding acoustic absorption. The Solo Rectangle panel is available in size 1200x1200x40 mm with a weight of 6kg. The Solo Square is a great option when TABS (Thermally Activated Building System) is selected as a cooling system. The panel is manufactured from high density glass wool utilizing the 3RD Technology, with Akutex™ FT surface on both sides. 

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Product Details

 Sizing Options: 12000 x 1200 x 40mm – 6kg

 Acoustics: Solo_square_acoustics

 Environment & Sustainability: Fully recyclable. Granted Nordic Swan Eco Label. Glass wool core utilising 3RD Technology.

 Fire Safety: The glass wool core is tested and classified as non-combustable according to EN ISO 1182.

 Accessibility: The panels are demountable.

 Cleanability: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping. 

Akutex™ FT
The Akutex FT surface is available in 9 beautiful colours. This surface in combination with Solo Circle’s glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption on ceiling absorbers.

Akutex™ T
If you would like your Ecophon Solo™ in a particular colour then choose the Akutex™ T surface. Here we can create the specific shade you require.