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About Ecophon Solo Circle Hanging Panels

The Ecophon Solo Circle hanging acoustic panel is a popular and classic panel in the Solo range. It offers a clean, minimalist look with supreme sound absorption performance. The Solo Circle is an unframed free hanging unit offering a high degree of design possibilities both regarding colours and suspension systems. This even includes the option to hang the panels in a style that constructs several layers and angles, creating a design feature in iteself. The Solo Circle panel is available in sizes 1200×40 mm with a weight of 4.5 kg or 800×40 mm with a weight of 2kg. The panel is manufactured from high density glass wool utilizing the 3RD Technology, with Akutex™ FT surface on both sides.


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 Sizing Options: Ø800 x 40mm – 2kg  or  Ø1200 x 40mm – 4.5kg

 Acoustics: Solo_circle_acoustics_800Solo_circle_acoustics_1200

 Environment & Sustainability: Fully recyclable. Granted Nordic Swan Eco Label. Glass wool core utilising 3RD Technology.

 Fire Safety: The glass wool core is tested and classified as non-combustable according to EN ISO 1182.

 Accessibility: The panels are demountable.

 Cleanability: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping. 

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Akutex™ FT
The Akutex FT surface is available in 9 beautiful colours. This surface in combination with Solo Circle’s glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption on ceiling absorbers.


Akutex™ T
If you would like your Ecophon Solo™ in a particular colour then choose the Akutex™ T surface. Here we can create the specific shade you require.