About Ecophon Solo Baffles

The Ecophon Solo Acoustic Baffle is a popular and classic acoustic baffle in the Solo range. It offers a clean, minimalist look with supreme sound absorption performance. There are a number of different suspensions possibilities to suspend the baffles; using Connect Baffle profile, Connect Adjustable wire hanger or Connect grid system. Ecophon Solo baffles are vertically installed unframed baffles. Solo Baffle can be used to form distinct lines and is available in different sizes and a wide range of colours. Baffles are used primarily when natural light is brought into the room via skylight.. The sound baffles are easily demountable. The nature of the system also means sound can be absorbed from all sides of the panel giving outstanding acoustic absorption.  The panel is manufactured from high density glass wool utilizing the 3RD Technology, with Akutex™ FT surface on both sides.

Ecophon Solo ceiling systems are CE marked according to the European harmonized standard EN13964:2014. CE marked construction products are covered by a Declaration of Performance (DOP) which enables customers and users to easily compare performance of products available on the European market.

Product Details