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About Ecophon Master Matrix

The Ecophon Master Matrix ceiling system is one of the easiest to install and demount. Using a ‘click in’ connection system, panels can be installed and taken down easily, quickly and safely. Installed in rows, the Master Matrix is best solution on the market for TABS (Thermally Activated Building Systems) buildings. Affording Class A sound absorption, the Master Matrix system is extremely effective in dealing with noise problems.

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 Sizing Options: 600 x 1040 | 600 x 1200 | 600 x 2400 | 1200 x 1040 | 1200 x 1200 | 2400 x 1040

 Acoustics:Table showing acoustic results for Master Matrix acoustic ceiling

 Environment & Sustainability: Fully recyclable. Granted Nordic Swan Eco Label.

 Fire Safety: The glass wool core is tested and classified as non-combustable according to EN ISO 1182.

 Accessibility: The panels have a hatch function and are able to be removed from below.

 Cleanability: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping.
Master Matrix installation guide
The Master Matrix ceiling system included pre-installed fixing devices, making it demountable and a mobile acoustic solution. 

Master Matrix comes available in the Akutek FT Finish:

Akutex™ FT

The Akutex FT surface is available in 9 beautiful colours. This surface in combination with Solo Circle’s glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption on ceiling absorbers.