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The Signature Ecophon Wall Panel

Ecophon Akusto Acoustic Wall Panels offer outstanding Class A sound absorption performance with the highest standard of finish. The Akusto Panels are used as vertical absorbers in conjunction with, or instead of, a sound absorbing ceiling.

There are two options in the Akusto range: The Akusto C panel comprises a concealed grid and the bevelled edges create a narrow groove between each panel. Akusto A comprises a  exposed system.  As well as hidden and exposed profile options, the panels come with a choice of trims and finish options.

The visible surface  of Akusto Panels is available in a choice of Texona (glass fibre fabric), Super G (impact resistant glass fibre fabric), designer pattern Muralis (Panel C only) or Akutex FT. Each of these surfaces are available in an excellent range of contemporary colours with a highly effective glass-fibre sound insulation core.

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Ecophon Akusto Details

 Sizing Options:
Panel A –  2700 x 1200 x 40mm  |  Panel C – 2400 x 600 x 40mm or 2700 x 600 x 40mm


 Environment & Sustainability: Fully recyclable. Granted Nordic Swan Eco Label. Glass wool core utilising 3RD Technology.

 Fire Safety: The glass wool core is tested and classified as non-combustable according to EN ISO 1182.

 Accessibility: The panels not are demountable except in selected installation options.

 Cleanability: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping (Super G and Akutex FT surfaces). Weekly dusting and vacuum cleaning (Texona and Muralis surfaces) as required.

Thinline Profile Trim:  Thinline is Ecophon’s most recent and elegant solution made from aluminum. Thinline profile is offered in two standard colours – Grey 03 and Grey 04.

WP Profile Trim: WP trim is a robust profile solution that establishes a distinct frame around the wall panel. The system contains both inner and outer corners that allow you to design the contour. Connect WP profile is offered in three standard colours – White, Black and Grey.

Connect Profile Trim: Connect trim is a simple and functional solution for Ecophon Akusto Wall A. Channel trim is offered in three standard colours – White, Black and Grey.





The Texona finish available in 16 colours that create expressive wall features. The surface has a smooth textured surface and is impact resistant.

Super G
Super G is a glass fibre fabric with high impact resistance. The combination of this strong fabric and a high density glasswool core creates robust and impact resistant wall- and ceiling absorbers. It is available in 3 different colours.


Ecopon’s Muralis Collection are glasswool wall absorbers with a digitally printed pattern on a glass fabric facing. Available in 15 designs from the Classic Collection and 5 designs from the Designer Collection, contact us for more details on design options with this surface. See some examples below from the Muralis range.


Akutex™ FTThe Akutex FT surface is available in 9 beautiful colours. This surface in combination with Solo Circle’s glass wool core provides optimal sound absorption on ceiling absorbers.

Ecophon akutex colour range palette