About Devorm Mute Peak Acoustic Panels

The Mute Peak acoustic panel from Dutch furniture manufacture Devorm is a lightweight and flexible acoustic solution ideal for modern workplaces. Made from a PET-felt that mimics wool, the Mute panel can be used as a wall panel or acoustic room divider, aiding in overall room sound absorption, as well as creating sound privacy between sectors in your space.

The panel comes standard as 2390mm wide x 790mm tall and 35mm deep. The panel comes in 11 different colours, allowing you to reach your design objectives.

DeVorm’s commitment to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of modern spaces is once again evident in their Mute Peak series. This innovative collection of acoustic solutions is designed to tackle the challenges of noise in open-plan offices, public spaces, and any area where sound management is crucial for comfort and productivity. The Mute Peak series stands as a testament to DeVorm’s dedication to creating environments that foster focus, collaboration, and well-being through thoughtful design.

The Mute Peak series consists of acoustic panels that feature a distinctive peak design, which not only contributes to their visual appeal but also enhances their sound-absorbing capabilities. This design allows for the effective management of sound waves, reducing echo and reverberation in large, open spaces. The panels are crafted from sustainable materials, reflecting DeVorm’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. They embody the perfect blend of form and function, providing a solution that is both effective in managing acoustics and visually striking.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Mute Peak series is its versatility. These panels can be used in a variety of settings, from corporate offices and co-working spaces to educational institutions and hospitality venues. Their modular nature allows for flexible installation, enabling users to create custom configurations that best fit their space and acoustic needs. Whether used as standalone pieces or combined to form larger installations, the Mute Peak panels offer a scalable solution to noise management.

The aesthetic appeal of the Mute Peak series cannot be overstated. Available in a range of colors and finishes, these panels can complement any interior design scheme, adding a touch of elegance while fulfilling a practical need. This dual purpose ensures that spaces not only sound better but also look more inviting and professionally curated.

In creating the Mute Peak series, DeVorm has once again demonstrated its ability to merge innovation with sustainability and style. These acoustic panels address the growing need for effective sound management in modern spaces, improving the auditory environment without compromising on design quality. Through the Mute Peak series, DeVorm enhances our daily spaces, making them more conducive to productivity, relaxation, and social interaction.


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