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About Devorm Mute Acoustic Panels

The Mute Flow acoustic panel from Dutch furniture manufacture Devorm is a lightweight and flexible acoustic solution ideal for modern workplaces. Made from a PET-felt that mimics wool, the Mute panel can be used as a wall panel or acoustic room divider, aiding in overall room sound absorption, as well as creating sound privacy between sectors in your space.

The panel comes standard as 2390mm wide x 790mm tall and 35mm deep. The panel comes in 11 different colours, allowing you to reach your design objectives.

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Devorm Mute Data Sheet

Devorm Screen Installation Guide

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Product Details

 Sizing Options: M2390mm wide x 790mm tall and 35mm deep.

 Acoustics: 100 mm cavity: Class A, with 50 mm rockwool: Class A, direct on wall: Class D

 Environment & Sustainability: PET Felt is made of recycled bottles. PET Felt is both recycled as well as recyclable itself.

devorm mute panel in green

Dark Green

Devorm mute panel in dark grey

Dark Grey

Devorm panel in light grey

Light Grey

Devorm panel in beige


Devorm mute panel in brown


Devorm mute panel in green


Devorm panel in marine


Devorm panel in olive


Devorm Mute panel in pink


Devorm Mute panel in turquoise


Devorm Mute panel in yellow