Project Description

Panels Of Simplicity & Versatility

BAUX’s range of acoustic panels for walls and tiles are a marriage between material simplicity and customisable design.

Combining wood wool, cement and water, the range of sound absorbing tiles offer a host of architectural functions.

BAUX panels are not just highly functional – but aesthetically versatile. With six shapes as individual tiles, or  and a wide range of standard colours, plus the option of custom printing colours, the tiles are made to mix and match. Create shapes, logos, signs and realisations with BAUX’s free design toolkit.

The high-PH content of the cement in the panels makes the tiles non-hygroscopic, ideal for regulating moisture in swimming pools. The wood also effectively stores heat, assisting with building energy efficiency.

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Technical Information


W 500mm | H 580mm | D 25mm


W 580mm | H 580mm | D 25mm


W 580mm | H 1160mm | D 25mm


W 1160mm | H 580mm | D 25mm


W 580mm | H 580mm | D 25mm


W 580mm | H 580mm | D 25mm

    • BAUX tiles do not accumulate dust.
    • Surface dirt can be cleaned adequately using a wet rag.
    • Damaged panels can be touched up with a thinly applied latex paint.
    • Boards can be disassembled and re-used
    • Water pressure cleaning is discouraged.
    • The tiles can be ground down and recycled (used as substrate, ballast and filling material)