Panels Of Simplicity & Versatility

BAUX’s range of acoustic panels for walls and tiles are a marriage between material simplicity and customisable design.

Combining wood wool, cement and water, the range of sound absorbing tiles offer a host of architectural functions.

Woodwool Panels are a sustainable, innovative acoustic solution designed to meet the needs of modern interior design and architecture. These panels are made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood wool, cement, and water, making them recyclable and aligning with the current focus on sustainability. The natural components of these panels provide functional characteristics that are beneficial in various settings.

BAUX panels are not just highly functional – but aesthetically versatile. With six shapes as individual tiles, or  and a wide range of standard colours, plus the option of custom printing colours, the tiles are made to mix and match. There are also full size are available in an impressive range of seven patterns – Quilted, Stripes, Diagonal, Check, Lines, Arch, and Curve – all designed to be combined in numerous ways to create unique designs. This versatility allows for endless design possibilities, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and architectural requirements.Create shapes, logos, signs and realisations with BAUX’s free design toolkit.

One of the key features of BAUX Wood Wool Panels is their moisture-resistant material, which helps to maintain a pleasant indoor climate by absorbing and then emitting moisture into the ambient air. This property not only contributes to comfort and health but also ensures the panels are not affected by rot, thanks to their high pH value. Additionally, the panels store heat from the ambient air and emit it when the air temperature falls, contributing to lower energy costs and a more stable and comfortable indoor climate.

The high-PH content of the cement in the panels makes the tiles non-hygroscopic, ideal for regulating moisture in swimming pools. The wood also effectively stores heat, assisting with building energy efficiency.

BAUX’s commitment to environmental responsibility is further highlighted by their manufacturing process. The panels are harvested from BAUX’s own forest in Sweden and made at a nearby factory, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to minimal environmental impact. The panels offer up to Class A acoustic absorption, depending on the installation method, making them suitable for designs with stringent acoustic requirements.

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