Autex Vicinity Acoustic Desk Screens

The Autex Vicinity has changed the desk screen game. Coronavirus and social distancing measures aside, we have seen a progression of design and global trends towards open plan working environments. In these spaces, many compromises have had to be made in respect to general acoustic comfort and it is these considerations that are the catalyst behind Autex Vicinity.

These screens offer classic, understated design with contemporary shapes and a subtle, smooth finish. Compared to the traditional office desk dividers, the Vicinity screen are pressed with acoustic fabric for a sophisticated, sleek look with a minimalist embossed design.

Key Features

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Easily customisable; colour, shape, size and thickness to fit your design aesthetic
  • Clamps do not damage the desk, are simple and easy to fit and adjust
  • Suits a variety of desk sizes
  • Highly durable, provide long term stability and performance