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About Autex Quietspace 3D Wall & Ceiling Panels

Autex’s range of Quietspace 3D panels are distinctive acoustic absorbers that come in a variety of styles, colours and installation options.

At the high frequency range Quietspace 3D acoustic panels can absorb a minimum of 75% of noise. Combine the panels with high-density acoustic core, Greenstuf AAB, and it can reach 90%.

The textured, three dimensional panels are made from 100% polyester fiber. They can be installed to walls using Autex’s Quick Clip solution, or suspended as a floating acoustic ceiling.

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Sizing & Style Options: Standard roll: 1.3m x 50m | Thickness: 3-4mm

Autex 3d tile drawings

575mm x 575mm

s-5-50 Autex acoustic panel

575mm x 287.5mm

s-5-37 Autex acoustic panel drawing

575mm x 575mm

s-5-34 autex acoustic panel drawing

575mm x 575mm

s-5-26 autex acoustic panel drawing

575mm x 575mm

Autex 3d tile drawing

575mm x 498mm

Quietspace acoustic tiles acoustic data

 Environment & Sustainability: Tiles made from 60% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET bottleflake). Quietspace® 3D Tiles can be recycled. Manufactured from 100% polyester fibre and does not contain formaldehyde binders. These fibres support safer indoor air quality and will not become a potential airborne pollutant

 Fire Safety: ISO 9705: 1993 Classification: Group 1-S Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s As required by NZBC C/VM2

Quietspace 3D tiles and panels come in 15 standard colours. The panels can also be printed onto.
Colour chart for Autex 3D Quietspace panels