Autex Frontier Axis – A Flexible, Modular Acoustic System

Autex’s Frontier system is a vertical baffle system that offers design flexibility, while remaining simple and lightweight, with great acoustic performance.

Frontier can be suspended from a ceiling, or fixed to ceiling grids using aluminium channels. The panels themselves are conjoined using Autex’s own connector clips.

Unlike most acoustic ceiling systems, Frontier gives the user design flexibility with its five design options (see data sheet for more information). The system can either form a grid acoustic ceiling system called the Axis – a square, patterned ceiling. The other design options – the Tundra, Dune, Sierra and Talus – are similar to your typical baffling system, with repeated horizontal strips.

As with all of Autex’s products, Frontier is made from 100% polyester, and is not liable to moulding, rotting or degradation.