About Printed Acoustic Panels

Acoustics don’t have to be boring.

We offer clients the opportunity to add artwork and bespoke designs to our range of acoustic products, including Ecophon wall and ceiling panels. Printed panels provide an added aesthetic and decorative aspect to your acoustic solution.

Our printed acoustics are achieved using UV cured ink printers, printed directly onto panels using the latest and best print head technology delivering the finest dot print. Benefits include the highest large format print quality available on the market. as well as the longest ink-life, offering a seven-year minimum indoors.

Decorative Acoustic Panels

Acoustic decorative panels are a stunning wall decoration that combines unique, contemporary design with great usability. These decorations feature sound absorption qualities due to a specific interior foam, which improves the room’s acoustic comfort and guards against noise and reverberation. An additional relaxing impact will help us focus, concentrate, and be more productive, making the acoustic panel the ideal décor for an office, a study, as well as children’s and teenagers’ rooms.

Why Printed Panels?

  • Max size 2700 x 1200 (single image) 2700 h x unlimited (spanning image).
  • Utilising the best in print technologies and long ink life.
  • Up to 90% (Class A) sound absorbency.
  • Printing available on a range of acoustic products – both wall and ceiling solutions available.

We supply and install Printed Acoustic Panels. Contact us to get a quote or to arrange a free-of-charge acoustic survey and consultation.

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