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Bespoke acoustic solutions

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Free Assessment

We conduct free assessments of offices and commercial spaces across London & the UK. Our assessment will address issues of speech privacy and ambient noise levels. We will help you achieve optimal sound masking in your space.

Free Assessment

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Supply & Install

We offer a supply & installation service across Acoufelt's range of premium quality architectural acoustic products and solutions. Choose from their product offering of wall panels, baffles and screens.

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Acoufelt’s FilaSorb™ felt is made from regenerated PET fibers with a minimum of 60% recycled content. Acoufelt pursue sustainable practices in manufacturing that close the loop on the circular economy

Environment Conscious

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Patented System

Leading the development of textile manufacturing and technology, with worldwide talent and design expertise, Acoufelt creates holistic sound-scaping solutions with architectural interior acoustic products.

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Acoufelt Product Range

Fracture Acoustic Wall Panels

Fracture Panels are a type of acoustic wall treatment from Acoufelt. They are created using FilaSorb and are designed with precision-carved bevelled grooves to produce distinctive directional line patterns.

  • Unique Pattterns: When installed together, panel create a number of stunning larger scale designs which create truly bespoke acoustic wall features.
  • NRC: Fracture can achieve an NRC of 0.85 when installed with a 200mm air gap behind the panel.
  • Range of designs: Check out the range from the PDF lookbook.

QuietSpan Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

The QuietSpan™ series includes various architectural ceiling designs and systems that are specifically engineered for superior acoustic performance. With these products, designing for the ceiling has become more effortless, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Various Shapes and Sizes

Linear – 200 x 2800mm
Ripple – 600 x 2800mm
Wing – 200 x 120 x 2800mm

Acoustic Screens

Screens can take sheets of FilaSorb felt and turn them into stunning designs with intricate cut-outs. These screens have a multitude of uses, such as maintaining transparency of light in glass and window applications, dividing a room, or adding a burst of color and pattern to any desired location.

Variety of patterns and colours

Choose a cut design from our 6 standard patterns, or work with one of our customization teams to design your own.

Pixel Acoustic Wall Panel

Pixel is a double-layer acoustic wall panel with a color-contrasting precision dot pattern.

Circles are cut into the outer layer to reveal the second panel color beneath. Adding depth, texture, pattern, color, and sound absorption, these soundscaping elements work together to make quiet beautiful. Choose any two colors from the FilaSorb™ palette to create your unique Pixel pattern.

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    If you have any questions about Acoufelt products, would like a quote or would want to arrange a survey, please don't hesitate to get in contact and one of our acoustic specialists will be in contact to discuss your enquiry